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  • What are the stories about?
    Each story involves animal characters who are Junior Park Rangers. Through these stories, kids can learn about nature, ecology, and the amazing local, State and National Parks in the US.
  • What’s different about the Junior Park Ranger Adventure Book Series?
    These books are science-based, with a focus on off-screen, real-world exploration. Each book takes place in a different park, which means kids will learn about new plants and animals in each story. The stories provide engaging animal characters and storylines children can identify with. The language is inclusive and the characters are diverse.
  • Which nonprofits will receive the donation?
    The friends group that protects/stewards the park featured in the story. For example, the Crystal Cove Conservancy will receive donations from Let’s Visit Tide Pools. We are proud to support these organizations that work with local, state and national park services to protect our natural areas.
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