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Available now on Amazon: My First Day as a Junior Park Ranger

Today's National Junior Park Ranger Day, I'm publishing the first book of the Junior Park Ranger Adventure Books series. Our goal is to inspire kids to protect parks, nature, and the environment. These compelling stories make learning about the natural world fun and exciting. Each book takes kids on a fun-filled journey of discovery, exploration, and adventure to a variety of local, state, and national parks across the United States. Each story is accompanied by Junior Park Rangers, charismatic animal characters who are dedicated to telling entertaining and educational stories about the parks.

The Junior Park Ranger Adventure Books are science-based, with a focus on off-screen, real-world exploration and knowledge acquisition. With inclusive language and diverse animated characters, they provide engaging personalities and stories children can identify with.

The first book in the Junior Park Ranger Adventure Series, My First Day as a Junior Park Ranger, introduces the various jobs that local, state and national park employees have. Kids will learn what each of these important rangers do to care for the ecosystem and educate and entertain the parks’ visitors.

Giving Back: A dollar from each book sold will be donated to a nonprofit that protects and stewards one of the featured parks in our adventures. The nonprofit that will receive donations from My first day as a Junior Park Ranger will be Parks California.

My First Day as a Junior Park Ranger was written and edited by J.D. Ho and illustrated and designed by Lanot Design.

To order an ebook, please visit us on Amazon. We would really appreciate a 5-star review.

We hope you enjoy our stories!

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