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Happy National Junior Park Ranger Day!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Do you know what it means to be a Junior Park Ranger? As a Junior Park Ranger you take care of our parks and outdoor playgrounds, can easily identify animal tracks in the woods, know how to read a map and follow a path or trail, play games, and make new friends and, of course, you discover untold stories about people and special places.

For me, Junior Park Ranger Kyler, I can spend one, two, or even three days in my FAVORITE park, doing as many of the activities as I possibly can. But before we do that, you’ve got to understand the Junior Park Ranger’s Mission and commit to our Oath!

Junior Park Ranger’s Mission

Nature is all around us: from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the parks we love to visit. As a Junior Park Ranger, it is now your responsibility to take care of these places as well as the people around you. We are all connected, and we all depend on each other to thrive. By working together to protect nature and parks, we will continue to use words like “amazing,” “awesome,” and “mysterious” to describe the world we live in. Nature is depending on you!

The Junior Park Ranger Oath

As a Junior Park Ranger, I, ________________________________ , promise to be a friend and ambassador to the outdoors and all living things in nature. Making this promise means I will:

• Protect natural habitat for all living things

• Respect the indigenous people who lived here before I did

• Use natural resources wisely, respectfully, and carefully

• Reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible

• Set an example for others so they can enjoy spending time outside, too

• Advocate for all the living things on the planet

As a Junior Park Ranger, I promise to proudly protect the environment in the woods, on the beach, in our cities, states, and national parks, and in my neighborhood and community. As a Junior Park Ranger, I promise to care for our planet’s natural resources, and I will do my best to make a positive and lasting impact wherever I go.

As a Junior Park Ranger, I will always do my best to set a positive example for how to respect and protect all things in nature.

Are you ready to explore everything nature has to share with you?

Great! I’ll see you on the trails.

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