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Must reads for World Ranger Day!

Around the world, park rangers serve on the front line to protect our natural resources and environment. Saturday, July 31, officially marks World Ranger Day. This important day reminds us to thank our park rangers for the critical role they play in protecting and stewarding our parks and outdoor playgrounds.

This is also a day to pay tribute and remember those rangers who lost their lives in the line of duty. World Ranger Day was created by the International Ranger Federation and was first held in 2007. If you are at a park this weekend, be sure to say thank you to all of our park rangers!

...And if you have little ones, be sure to check out these Junior Park Ranger books for Kids!

Scout Moore, Junior Ranger Book series by Theresa Howell (Author) and Jeffrey Ebbeler (Illustrator). The award-winning Scout Moore series and the ever-adventurous junior ranger travels with her family to several National Parks across the United States.

If I Were a Park Ranger by Catherine Stier. If you were a national park ranger, you'd spend every day in one of the most treasured places in America. You will have an amazing job protecting animals, the environment, and our country's natural and historical heritage, from the wilds of Denali to the Statue of Liberty

Thunder, Junior Park Ranger Series by Trish Madell (Author). Junior Ranger Thunder has sworn an oath to preserve and protect historic landscapes for future generations. He's new on the job, and still "pretty green". It's a tough assignment when the hog clan comes to town, but Thunder is determined to uphold his oath and make his mama proud, and he does it all while completing his education.

Shameless Plug

My first day a Junior Park Ranger by me, Jennifer Benito-Kowalski :)

It’s Junior Park Ranger Kyler’s first day on the job. He’s a prairie dog who has spent his whole life in Prairie Dog Town, and now he’s in a new place where he doesn’t know anyone. Will he make friends? Will he do a good job as a Junior Park Ranger?

Join Kyler as he gets to know his new home and the other rangers who look after the park. You’ll meet Lyla the owl, a Junior Wildlife Biologist; Jaden the wolf, a Junior Ecologist; Madison the sea lion, a Junior Interpreter; Gianna the vaquita, a Junior Lifeguard; and Tanaya the desert tortoise, an archaeologist.

The first in the Junior Park Ranger Adventure Series introduces the various jobs that local, state and national park employees have. Kids will learn what each of these important rangers do to care for the ecosystem and the visitors to the parks.

Giving Back: A dollar from each book sold will be donated to a nonprofit that protects and stewards one of the featured parks in our adventures.

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