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Interpretive Program Manager,

California State Parks

 “It is a unique and intriguing take on junior rangers. Definitely a different perspective than classic junior ranger stories.  Kids will be engaged in the story and enjoy that the main character that they are supposed to identify with is earning his confidence in a new park environment and making friends. I like the light JEDI messaging too.”



Assistant Park Manager, Flathead Lake State Park, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 1

“As I read My first day as a Junior Park Ranger, I literally felt like I was living that this past two weeks, as the new park employee!!  It tells the whole story of a first day at the park.  It also really shows the diversity of the "rangers" a park has working at it.  The book is absolutely engaging and I already want to a few copies for my nieces and nephews as well my friends' kids.  Now, are you able to sell that wholesale?  The parks I work at have gift shops.  And this book would fill a huge need for younger readers and families”

California State Park Rangers Associatio


Dave, President, California State Park Rangers Association

“With delightfully colorful illustrations, My First Day as a Junior Ranger introduces a variety of park jobs, as Kyler (a prairie dog), in his new uniform and ranger hat, meets up with the park’s wildlife biologist (owl), ecologist (wolf), interpreter (sea lion), lifeguard (vaquita) and archaeologist (tortoise)."

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